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Immigrant Health Insurance

Finding medical insurance as a non-resident of the U.S. can be very difficult. Most domestic insurance policies will deny you, making it seem impossible to get the coverage you need. Such people who can find immigrant health insurance are those who are legally here, such as:

  • Green card holders
  • Exchange students
  • Foreign nationals that are visiting, working or living in America
  • International corporations and organizations that employ foreign workers

You can browse the internet for quotes on immigrant insurance plans. Make sure to look over the policies to see if they fit your needs.

Health Insurance Options for Immigrants

Immigrants in America have the option of purchasing short-term or long-term coverage. With long-term health insurance, non-U.S. citizens will receive maternity care (some allowing you to choose any doctor), wellness and well child coverage and low family rates.

Short-term health insurance for immigrants can be purchased in intervals between one and 12 months. Some companies offer quarterly billing and the freedom to pick any physician. There are some short-term health plans that cater specifically for the elderly members.

With immigrant insurance designed for the 60+ crowd, there are plans that offer coverage for those in the States for business, vacation, schooling or to move. Some options require terms to be purchased between one and 12 months and require renewal every so often. Make sure that the insurance company offering this type plan doesn't have a maximum coverage time - some being 60 months.

Check around to see what health plans are available for immigrants. Different companies have different benefits, so see what you can find.

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